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Enough is enough!

I’ll raise my kids to be either intellectual sports persons/interpreneurs….

Never a serial job seekers nor political leaders of tomorrow. We were fed that mantra throughout our lives without actually taking the reins of leadership or gaining employment.

Baba is old and in all honesty, has zero or nothing to offer Nigeria. Baba has no future at stake …. So either way, he will care less. I never supported his being re-elected (my humble opinion), he never supported his second tenure too in the first place (he promised only one term) so don’t judge me.

However what I do understand is that humans find it hard to come to terms with the concept of relinquishing power (kudos to Gen. Abdulsalaam & GEJ) in that department….power can be so sweet and intoxicating.

That being said, our leaders and wannabe leaders come even 2023 are mostly in the 70yrs age bracket and the same mouth we use in criticizing the Baba of today is the same we’ll use in criticizing the Baba of tomorrow (Baba phobia).

Policies however well-intended may fail in reality without a viable driving thrust. Old men lack the appetite nor the aptitude for leadership. And as humans devoid of patience we’ll complain, even if a young person succeeds (see Niger/Kogi States governors). Remember we are unappreciative of God Himself (when there’s too much rain we say it’s too much when there’s little rain we still complain and in the end, we don’t even know what is enough). It’s herculean to satisfy, more so Nigerians.

Therefore we need to have a plan, we need to decide to harness the natural talent in our future generation so we can produce self-reliant children who have both stake and future in the country. A new breed of children who can learn in schools and work at the same time.

These old men have no future to fight for, yet they waste our time with promises of becoming the leaders of tomorrow….life expectancy is constantly and continuously ebbing, so which tomorrow?

Invest in your children and make them entrepreneurs while they go to school. Yes …let money distract them from their studies, after all, studying for good grades is not an end in itself but a means to an end.

Baba promised heaven on earth and another Baba is going to do the same, but just as Mike Tyson use to say “everybody got a plan until they get hit in the face” Baba is hit in the face and shamelessly the government has forgotten the ‘Next Level’ mantra. We cannot trust politicians to employ our children tomorrow, they are too busy either looting or fighting each other to care…we need to empower our children with education and trade.

That money you are to take to heaven/hell and the properties you buy to be confiscated by another government/wasted by your children when you die should be used instead as capital for your children’s businesses.

Most Lawyers/Doctors can barely feed today, not to talk of renting office space to practice their trade and same applies to almost all professionals. We have walked the walk of blind hope of ‘I’ll get a job with government’. To redeem ourselves we have to stop this long term savings and investment in a temporary, unsure, and unstable world.

I have decided I am going to work towards investing in my children and youths…call it waste and I’ll call it being vindictive. We need to re-orient youths to disabuse their minds from the foolish mentality of ‘I’ll graduate and be employed by government and have a salary to by the time I graduate I’ll be able to employ more people in order to give back to the society. I urge you to do the same.

As an afterthought, if you know anybody that has money saved idly in the bank or farm tell the person that it is our capital…he/she should engage us to use the money for a business with lenient/flexible interest rate. Instead of giving banks who still loan it out but with astronomical interest rate.



S.U Garba, Esq. is the Principal Partner at Masalaha Law & Associate, an Associate Partner at Shukurah Chambers & Co. Member of non-Governmental Organization. Advocacy for Good Governance. Member Buhari Campaign Organization and also a Member of Chairman Leadership Scorecard Advisory Board & Patron TV Security who participated in the protest to the NIPC in conjunction with Association of Snr. Civil Servants of Nigeria, that resulted to the shutting down of the commission.


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