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About us

Ibe, Chido and Associates is a legal and business consultancy firm with offices in Lagos and Abuja. Our focal idea is to make certain that both foreign and local investors are given the essential assistance to obtain all certificates and licenses issued by various government agencies and parastatals.

We smoothen the progress of efficient Foreign Direct Investment by Aliens in need of participating in the Nigerian business environment. Local investors are also given the requisite legal and business development aid needed to thrive in the economic subsector of Nigeria.

Other mainstream legal services are also our forte at Ibe, Chido and Associates. Any issue relating to property law practice, general criminal and civil litigation practice and overall corporate legal transactions are our foremost intent.

At Ibe, Chido and Associates, we endeavour to ensure that our clients are given any special services listed on our website. Most specifically, we make possible for investors to have a total corporate enfold that enhances their ability to secure a landed or leased property to serve as business premises, then draft a feasibility study, coupled with company/business name registration and all requisite legal documentation required to ensure ease of doing business in Nigeria.

 Our business consultancy department have through extensive experience aided clients to sort out tax clearance related issues and as well provide effective business plans, cash flow projections and break-even analysis which have enabled them to secure loans from banks and other lenders in Nigerian.

Most specifically, intellectual right protection through trademark and patent rights is part of the corporate practice that we at Ibe, Chido and Associates recommend to clients who are desirous to ensure that their intellectual rights are not violated by spurious brands that want to reap where they did not sow

 Ibe, Chido and Associates is a brand that must be consulted by heedful investors who are desirous of ensuring that no business opportunity is lost as a result of being indolent with regards to negligence in securing the requisite certifications and licenses required from business and corporate entities registered in Nigeria.